AutoCAD Fundamentals Course

AutoCAD Fundamentals Course, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Learn to use the industry-leading AutoCAD software to create vector-based drawings for various industries including engineering, construction and manufacturing.

AutoCAD Fundamentals

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Duration: 5 classes (10 hours)

Fees in Kuala Lumpur :
GROUP CLASS: RM 700 per person
1-TO-1 CLASS: RM 1400 per person

For groups of at least 5 participants, you can request special customised classes.
Group Classes:
Minimum: 3 pax per class
Maximum: 20 pax per class

Basic Computing skills required

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WebWeaver Learning Centre’s AutoCAD Fundamentals Course is a 10-class (20 hours) course that equips you with the basic skills to use AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT.

Upon completing the AutoCAD Fundamentals Course, you will be able to handle the AutoCAD workspace, where you can:

  • Draw, Edit, and Delete Lines, Circles, Rectangles, Polygons, and Polylines
  • Trim and Extend Objects
  • Advanced Edit Objects such as Moving, Copying, Rotating, Scaling, and Mirroring
  • Add and Edit Dimensions
  • Prepare Drawings for Printing

WebWeaver Learning Centre’s AutoCAD Fundamentals Course will provide you with the skills to dive into the amazing world of AutoCAD that will enable you to use other Autodesk-related products and other CAD software.

Our course will equip you with practical skills to use this powerful software. You will learn to navigate the AutoCAD workspace, in which you will learn to draw and modify vector-based objects and text, use dimensions, work with layers, and preparing the drawings for printing.

Explore the world of vector design with WebWeaver Learning Centre’s AutoCAD Fundamentals Course!

If you would like to know more about AutoCAD or if you are wondering if you should take up AutoCAD, read our writeup about this amazing software!



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