Photography Workshops

Photography workshop, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In our Photography workshop, learn to use the settings in your DSLR camera to take professional  photos.


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Duration: 1 day theory + practical workshop (3-4 hours)

Fees in Kuala Lumpur:
1-TO-1 CLASS: RM 700 per person

For groups of at least 5 participants, you can request special customised classes.

Group Classes:
Minimum: 3 pax per class
Maximum: 20 pax per class

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WebWeaver Learning Centre’s Photography Workshops allow you to dive into the world of DSLR photography!

Move away from automatic cameras and start using the Shutter Speed Mode, Aperture Mode, and Manual Mode in your professional cameras. Learn more about Portrait Photography, Product Photography, and Studio Lighting. Our workshops range from Basic Theory classes to Advanced studio hands-on classes.

Learn to take the photos you want to take, not the photos your camera takes for you. Learn about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Get tips and tricks for photography. Learn the artistic purpose of filters.We also have a Portrait Photography Workshop which is a hands-on workshop where you will get to try taking portait photographs in a studio. Different themes each time, with different models, we teach you a basic studio lighting set-up using flashes & studio lighting.

Take a step into a new level of photography where you will learn which lens to use and also how to control your camera settings in a studio shoot.

You can also add to your photography skills by enrolling in our photo editing courses. We offer two workshops: Adobe Photoshop Course and Photo Editing with Adobe Lightroom, where you will learn the skills to edit and enhance your photographs with the respective software.

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