6 Benefits of Learning Graphic Design as a Business Owner

In WebWeaver Learning Centre, you can learn how to create websites for your businesses with our easy Graphic Design Courses. You can choose to learn Adobe Illustrator Course or Adobe Photoshop Course or even both together in our Graphic Design Course.

In our courses will show you how to design using these 2 professional softwares and also easy ways your can find copyright free designs for your personal & how to purchase copyrighted designs for your commercial use, so you can choose to either design your own or easily edit the designs available online.

But if you want to know more on why you should learn Graphic Design to improve your business, please do continue with this article.

1. You can express your own creativity & control your branding image

No one knows your own brand more then yourself, so what image do you want your logo to show, what colour represent your brand the best, all these can be decided by you down to the last details. You would not need to go back and forth with a designer and take weeks to create a design that would only take yourself 1 day to complete.

Of course designers will also be able to provide you with ideas and skills which comes with experience, but that being said, we can actually find inspiration online which will also help you generate an idea of something you like.

2. Easy Online Marketing – you can whip anything anytime and post it online

You need to be fast and precise when making your online branding, being candid and having online personality is what makes each brand different from the others and how consumers can relate to a brand. This is something a graphic designer will not be able to translate into a design for you.

Creating your online graphics yourself will allow you to express yourself at opportune timings and have full control over the message and expression it has.

3. You can easily designs for online or for print – flexibility of mediums

You can easily change your designs to fit different sizes and formats, whether it is print or online, your just need to know a few tips and tricks size a pixels sizing & colour modes to know what is most suitable for each medium. This will also save you time and money as you will not have to pay extra for these minor changes or wait for long periods for changes to be made.

4. You can design anywhere anytime – you just need a laptop or computer

Although this point is mentioned above, I believe it requires a number of its own as it is truly one of the important reasons why you need to know design when you are a small business owner.
Wanting to post something online or needing a new brochure printed tomorrow can only be accomplished when you are doing the hands on yourself.

When you are working with a small budget when starting a business, you might not have the options of churning out interesting post for your social media if you need to pay a designer each time something is whipped up, so able to create one on the fly when you are waiting for your coffee is the best way to keep customers updated with your company promotions and shout outs all the time.

5. Easy to learn – just a few tools will allow you to make many different type of designs

You can easily learn how to use 2 softwares (Adobe Photoshop  & Adobe Illustrator) to enable you to fully express your creativity.
WebWeaver Learning Centre is a centre which provides skill based training and will allow you to fully utilise the software once your finish the course. It will only take 2 months finish our Graphic Design course.

Do contact us to know more at http://mywebweaver.com/contact-us/

6. Save on designer expenses – any design or even minor design changes is charged

When you are starting out a business, every cent counts, and depending on your type of business or how much branding you want to do for your company, the cost of design works can become quite high.

You can even save money by making sure your one staff which you can employ can multi-task by knowing basic design work, simply by knowing how to change text in the banner design can save you alot of time and money in a long run.

If you are interested in knowing some good fonts to use for your design work, check out our next article coming out next week: 5 simple fonts every designer uses – Graphic Design Tips

You can also sign up for Graphic Design Courses in WebWeaver Learning Centre to learn how to create functional & powerful designs from scratch.