6 Easy Steps to Make WordPress More Secure

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Keeping your WordPress secure from hackers is super important, as WordPress highly targeted by hackers due to a large amount of users. WordPress Security has become somewhat of an issue since it can be very frustrating to spend weeks creating a perfect website and realise one day your website is now hacked by an unknown person and you have not yet backed up your website.


1. Change your USERNAME During the Installation

Never use ADMIN as your username. Many people will just install their WordPress with the username of admin, as it is the default given during the installation.
This is the first thing you can do to protect your WordPress against hackers and the most basic step to do.If you have already used the username admin, just go in to create a new Administrator User, with a different username, and then login with the new account and delete the old user account.
To do that, you need to log into the dashboard of your WordPress website, click on the Users button on the side menu, and proceed to create a new account.

2. Combat Brute Force Hacking with a Good Password & Limited Login Attempts

Brute force method of hacking is a program repeatedly entering passwords onto your login until it gets the correct password, so the easiest way to make sure this does not happen is making sure your password is unique to you, not something like 123456 or QWERTY, as well as clicking on the Limit Login Attempts options during the installation of your WordPress.

3. Keep your WordPress Version Updated

WordPress also has a team working to fix any problems hackers might be able to use to easily hack into your website, so update your WordPress to get the lasted working version to ensure your website is not vulnerable.
This is also another easy step which you would want to do during your weekly blog post updates or during a monthly website check to ensure you are always using the most updated WordPress & Plugin Version.

4. Plugin & Theme Management – Reading Reviews are Important

If you are going to install a plugin or new theme, keeping it updated is important but even before installing it, reading the reviews can easily save you a boatload of trouble.
You can go a step further by researching your plugins or theme on google to see if there is any security problems, the internet is just full of people giving out free advice and you can find easily if the plugin or theme is safe for your website.
If you do not have time to research, then at least read the latest reviews on the plugin page before clicking on the install button, or make sure your theme is from a professional and reputable source.Also make sure you delete themes and plugins you are no longer using to ensure you won’t have to worry about any future risk or hassle of keeping them updated.

5. Change your Login URL

This is relatively easy to do, you just need to find & install a plugin which allows you to change your login URL from /wp-admin to something else like /wp-login or /my-admin
Example of Plugin you can use: ITheme Security
You can also do this manually but it can be quite complicated, therefore installing a plugin would be the easiest way to solve this problem

6. Backup Your Website

This is not a hack-proof method but do know that backing up your website is super important, in case of emergency, cos even the most secure website is prone to being hacked, you can easily restore your website to it’s original state with a backup.If have already been hacked, contact your hosting provider, many hosting providers have backups of your website for up to 14 days, so meaning if your website has just been hacked, your hosting provider can restore your website to its original form, as long as it is not been 14 days since the hack happened.Not all hosting providers provide this, but the hosting WebWeaver Learning Centre is currently using has this service provided to you for free.

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7. Many More

There are still many other ways if you are familiar with php, such as securing your .htaccess & eliminating PHP error reporting.
Some other ways would be to purchase SSL or Sitelock for your hosting to ensure it is safer from hackers.However for this post, I just wanted to show you easy steps anyone who uses WordPress can take to secure your website for free, so you can enjoy a professional and secure website for your business or personal use.


Thank you so much for reading our article. Do let us know if you feel we missed out any points or if there is anything else about WordPress you want us to write about.

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Final note
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