New Course! Dropshipping Course

Want to learn how our trainer, Cheryn Tan created Plusify ( & sold online on her website easily while still having time to venture into so many other projects?

She is sharing all her tips & secrets in her new Dropshipping course.

You can easily use free softwares to import products from suppliers to sell on your own website.
Learn how promote your website & increase your sales using social media as well.
Sell locally or overseas without any worry of cost.

Helping all new business owners solve their problems:

  1. What to sell? 

    We will show you a wide range of studies to show you what items will sell well, and what will make money!

  2. Buying in BULK for wholesale price

    Keeping stocks is such a risk! And so much investment is needed. Here you only buy what you sell & you don’t have to worry about inventory

  3. No time to worry about packing & delivery

    Buying directly from supplier means they will pack & ship to your customer, worry free. So you can even stay at your current job while having an online business on the side.

  4. Limited Stocks to sell in 1 location

    You are not limited to your own website, you can even sell on Lazada, Shopee, Mudah, Lelong & more as your supplier has alot of stocks!

To sign up or find out more, visit:

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