For this article we give you some tips on how to maximise the use of your name card, and the importance of a good business card design.
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Even though most businesses nowadays are done digitally, you cannot deny the importance of face to face networking.
During a networking event, it is important to stand out as a person but even so, our memories will still not be able to retain all the details of the introduction.
How many times have you remembered a person who left a good impression on you, but totally forgot his name or what company he represented? This is where business cards come in, it will help people easily look you up, just by reaching into their pocket.


You need to be able to introduce yourself professionally, this can be done in a multitude of ways, but exchanging business cards is a great way to start a conversation.

1st reason, exchange business cards and talk ask about their business, and find out more on what the other person does. This also helps build a small amount of rapport.

2nd reason,You want to be able to smile, make eye contact, and make a professional conversation, making them feel that they are your main focus, don’t look for a place to write your information messily on a scrap paper or funble with your phone trying to send your contact to the other person’s you are suppose to be talking to.

3rd reason, business cards are cheap, portable, and easy to give away, and have no downtime. You can easily bring it anywhere, pass it to anyone and leave a point of reference when they are interested in calling you back.


I could go on for days, as every company will require different design elements on their business cards, but lets keep it short and sweet and pull out, what I think is, the 3 most important elements

Easy to read fonts (and limit to 3 font types, maximum)
I put this as the top, as I have seen so many cards and design where they want make every single detail in their card stand out by using bombastic fonts for each line of text.
There are other ways to make text stand out, such as size, boldness and colour of the text. Keeping the fonts simple will make your card look so much more professional

Consider Inserting a Photo (that seriously looks like you)
If a person is going to a networking event and taking in 50 business cards during the day, he is going to forget a lot of where those cards came from, or even the conversation you were having at that time. A photo can help jog a memory.
This of course might not be for everyone, but if you are in sales, you would want people to remember your face.

Include a special discount( at the back of the card)
If you are a retail business, you would want to make use of your business card as a way to increase sales and change people you meet into your customers. Try including some sort of incentive on your card, for example, you can offer discounts, promo codes, or even a random FREE advice if on a service you provide.
Encourage them to get in touch.

Social Media connections
This is the time and reign of social media, if you are on it, put it on your business card. In many cases, social media pages will showcase your product and services much better than your own website. Social media will allow you to build a better connection to potential customers as well. Depending on your business or services, different social media would help, but that’s information for a different article.


  1. Ask for a person’s business card and introduce yourself before shoving your card and everyone you see. Showing interest is also a great way for them to return the gesture and show interest in your own business.
  2. You might not even need to give a card to everyone you see, show interest and also see if they are interested. You will not come of desperate as well, plus you do not want your business card in a rubbish trash if they are obviously not interested in your business.
  3. Most importantly, always have a business card with you, keep one box in your car, your bag, your desk. Be prepared to introduce yourself professionally.

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