In WebWeaver Learning Centre, we provide web design courses which covers not only the ability to create a good functional website but also SEO which allows your website to be easily searchable on Google once your website is finished. If you wish to know more of our web design courses, do visit our web design course pages. 

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In our courses will show you how to increase your SEO rankings in details, but if you want to know more, please do continue with this article where we show you 5 ways you can increase your SEO in WordPress.

To ensure your website is SEO friendly, you will need to know HTML or have a good platform with is set up in a Search friendly way. One of those platforms are WordPress.

If you are using WordPress platform to create your website, in my opinion, you have just made a great decision, as this free open source platform is super search friendly and is made in a way to enable you to tick all your SEO steps with ease.
However it is not automatic, and you will need to customise your WordPress to make the best of its settings, and here I am going to give you 5 super easy steps to make sure your WordPress website is on its way to the first page in Google Search

1. Make sure your WordPress is constantly up-to-date.
SEO requirements updates constantly, and keeping your WordPress updates is going to make sure it meets those requirements.
You will also be able to make sure your themes and plugins are up-to-date and meets requirements.

2. Install SEO plugins.
There is so many SEO plugins to help you build a great website.
One SEO plugin I highly recommend and I use for all my websites, is SEO by Yoast plugin. It allows you to check the health of your SEO in every page and also gives great SEO tips to make sure every single page in your WordPress website is good to go.

Tip: Keep your SEO plugins up to date too to ensure you get the latest boost or advice on your SEO.

3. Use different Keywords in every page
Alot of people think that putting the same keyword all over every single page is going to make your website SEO friendly. Unfortunately, that’s no longer how it works, you need to build good content and make sure you use your keyword in the content of your website, both is important, thus spamming a single keyword over and over again will only proof your content lacks in value.

Google search engine algorithms are growing more sophisticated by the day, and it is now programmed to find good related content, this means that unless you are using keywords that are relevant to the page, you can harm your site by spamming your own website.

4. Use the Alt Text in your Images
Images can work for your website as well, but you have to tell Google what that image of an banana mean to your company as Google cannot identify images as well as text and will need your description of the image to strengthen the your content and keywords, the search engine algorithms will pick up on the Alt text and improve the search-ability of your website.

5. Update your Permalinks!
Last but definitely not the least, in fact you will have to make sure you set this one right in your WordPress settiling.
Post Title Permalink setting is something the latest version of WordPress are doing automatically already, but if you are using an older version or started with an older version of WordPress you will need to make sure all your permalinks are in the correct setting where your pages/posts URL will show your keywords (Post title).

Since you have read to this point, I will give you an extra tip, cos that’s how much I love to share.

6. Make sure your Theme is Mobile Friendly
WordPress is built to be easily mobile friendly and this is very important to SEO now.
However, if your theme is somehow created to be unfriendly to your mobile users, this feature will just be useless. So choose a good theme.

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