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In our courses will show you how to increase your SEO rankings in details, but if you want to know more, please do continue with this article where we show you the difference between SEO & SEM and how it is important to your website & business branding.

The difference? I don’t even know what SEO & SEM mean!
Don’t worry, we have you covered.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is steps or things you can execute to increase your search-ability in places like Google. The reason why this so important is because now we look up everything on Google, want a good place to eat dinner? Google. Want a nice cheap vacation? Google.
Google is now the answer to all your life’s questions, so how to make sure your brand or company is part of the answer is to make sure your SEO is done correctly to ensure we can find you on Google search.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the steps you can take to further increase your ranking on Google by spending money (though many will debate this – but you will have to spend money in some form or another to do SEM) such as spending money on ads such as Google Ads (Adwords), promoting your brand on Social media such as Facebook & Instagram as well as reaching out to Influencers or Bloggers to talk and connect with your brand/product/service.

For most part, SEO is more internal, where you will need to set up your website properly to ensure your website is easily searchable with the correct words and content in your website that will allow potential customers to search for you with the correct words.

Whereas SEM is more external, in which you will need to promote your website outside of your own website to ensure people are able to learn about your website and also prove to Google that your are a reliable and well sought after brand or service.

Hope this article helps you understand the difference between SEO & SEM, and help your plan your online presence better.

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